Mei Zhong students say...

"I thought Master Cui looked too young to be a real master. Then he came to our class! Wow!!!"

"I must say taiji is harder than it looks. But it's worth it. There's so much more to it than I thought! I can actually feel my mind and body working together!"

"I can almost touch my toes - havenít done that in years!"

"At the tournament, I learned that my ego was bigger than my skill. Next time, Iíll be able to reverse that! (...and he did!)"

"Being in the Chinese culture and feeling the ancient traditions and modern energy made a big difference in my practice. The trip exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to go back to Beijing!"

"Master Cui and his students made me feel right at home... Part of their taiji family in Beijing!"

"Until I came to Mei Zhong, I had no idea Taiji was a martial art!"

"For me, one exercise goal is maintaining a target heart rate at least 75% of the time Iím exercising. During last weekís taiji class, I was on target 80% of the time. This week, I was on target 91% of the time!"

"Knowing the martial application helps me really understand the movement."

"My balance is better after just a few classes."

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