Miraim Holland
Miriam Holland
5th Duan Rank, China Wushu Association
Founder, Mei Zhong
Head Instructor

Ms. Holland began her taijiquan training with Dr. Xu Tingsen in Atlanta. In October of 1995, she attended the World Taiji Training Conference in Beijing. The event marked the beginning of an entirely new approach to her taijiquan practice.

At the conference, she attended practice sessions taught by 5th Generation Yang Style Master Cui Zhongsan. His depth of knowledge and willingness to share it made a huge impression. In 1996, Ms. Holland arranged to return to Beijing to train privately with Master Cui. At the conclusion of those training sessions, Master Cui asked her to return to Atlanta and teach taijiquan.

In January 1997, Ms. Holland founded Mei Zhong Yang Style Taijiquan Association, USA, and began sharing Master Cui's teachings. Mei Zhong was originally based at Chien Hong School of Kung Fu in Inman Park.  Additional classes were offered at other locations.  In 2004, Ms. Holland opened the first Mei Zhong training center.  Initially at 533-D West Howard Street, Decatur, Georgia, the center serves as a home base for all school activities and for satellite classes offered in Dunwoody, Buckhead, and elsewhere.

On March 10, 2001, in a traditional ceremony in Beijing, Master Cui accepted Ms. Holland as "duzi," (disciple). They are continually building the ties between Master Cui's Beijing Yong Nian Taijiquan Association and Mei Zhong, including joint projects and student exchanges. These efforts at promoting taijiquan gain frequent media recognition in Beijing.

In addition to teaching, Ms. Holland competes regularly. She has been awarded numerous medals in taiji forms and weapons divisions at martial arts tournaments in both the U.S. and China. She also coaches Mei Zhong students interested in competing. The awards wall at the Mei Zhong School offers students an opportunity to display their prizes.

Ms. Holland offers seminars, performances, and classes at athletic clubs, schools, churches, corporations, and other locations. She and Mei Zhong students often perform taijiquan for special events. Ms. Holland has offered lecture-demonstrations for organizations such as the Georgia Department of Human Resources and the Center for Disease Control. She also enjoys giving informal talks about her unique experiences in Beijing.

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