Michael Holland
Michael Holland
Director, Qi Gong Program

With a life-long interest in Chinese martial arts, Mr. Holland began studying taijiquan in 1996. His previous training in other disciplines such as Shaolin-Hongquan at Chien Hong School of Kungfu and years of yoga practice provided an excellent preparation for taiji.

In 2006, Mr. Holland began organizing taiji-related exercises that Master Cui had shared over the years into a system. His initial idea was to create sets of movements that could be used interchangeably as warm-ups for Mei Zhong classes. Sets for shoulders or hips and waist, etc. Students enjoyed and benefitted from focusing on breathing naturally and deeply through these movements. This project led to Mr. Holland's book, Breath Energy Work, published in 2008. The cultivation of breath-energy is Qi Gong.

In 2010, during a training visit to Beijing, Master Cui recognized Michael's affinity for qi gong and encouraged him to apply to the Beijing Sports University Qi Gong program for foreigners. In February of 2011, Michael left Atlanta for 4 and months of intensive training under Dr.Yang Yu Bing, B.S.U.'s head instructor for Daoyin Qi Gong.

Mr. Holland, a founding member of Mei Zhong and disciple of Master Cui's, continues daily to develop Mei Zhong's Qi Gong program.

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