JoAnne Taylor
JoAnne Taylor
3rd Duan, China Wushu Association

In January, 1998, Ms. Taylor joined Mei Zhong to expand the training she had already received. She enjoys a reputation of being a tenacious competitor, with many medals to support the reputation. She has traveled to Beijing several times for private training and special seminars with Master Cui. In 2001, she earned her 3rd Duan ranking from the China Wushu Association. In 2006, she was accepted as a disciple by Master Cui.

Ms. Taylor's intuitive understanding of "the Chinese way" enriches and informs her approach to taijiquan and how she shares her knowledge with others. As one Mei Zhong student said, "I love any opportunity to do forms or drills with JoAnne. I can watch what she is doing and make corrections in what I am doing, almost subconsciously. I learn so much from her!".

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